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Nordic Eats in Austin (besides Ikea)

With summer on the way, it’s about to feel decidedly un-Nordic here in Central Texas. But with some of our Nordic finds around Austin, we can at least mentally escape the heat for a few moments. There are a surprising number of Nordic and “Nordic-adjacent” foods if you look hard enough in the aisles of our local stores. Here are just a few spots–besides Ikea–that we noticed:

International snack-lovers, rejoice! It’s no secret that World Market has an incredible pantry of intriguing global offerings. Among the northernmost items, we found:

  • Kungsörnen Swedish Pancake and Waffle Mix

  • Nyåckers Gingersnaps

  • Rekorderling Swedish Hard Cider

And not technically Nordic but definitely highly-sought northern flavors:

  • A variety of salted black licorice (Katjes, Germany)

  • Belvoir Farm Elderflower syrup mixer (UK)


We went to the N. Lamar location to scope out the offerings, which include:

  • Our favorite Swedish fish candies from Koisvart in a variety of flavors including Elderflower and Sweet Licorice + Ginger

They also have what is probably the most comprehensive offering of cured fish in Austin. While not Nordic in origin, we enjoy:

  • Blue Hill Bay herring in a variety of flavors (USA)

  • H. Forman & Son Gravadlax (Gravlax) (UK)

  • A variety of cured salmon at the deli counter

Additionally, if you are interested in making your own gravlax (maybe the subject of another post), Central Market’s fresh salmon selection is one of the best. Monger’s Fish Market is also exceptional.


You’ll find different items in different HEBs, but that’s part of the fun of exploring:

  • Brun-uusto Juustoleipa (bread-cheese), a type of tasty semi-dried cheese originating in Finland (USA)

  • Daim candy (so far only spotted in Pflugerville)


Our list would be incomplete without mentioning our famous Swedish Cardamom Buns from The Fika Table at Dia’s Market on N. Lamar!


Likewise, our original retail partner Tiny Grocer offers our Swedish Cardamom Buns daily in the freezer aisle! They also have those delicious Koisvart Swedish Fish right at the counter.


Do you know of a great spot for Nordic eats in Austin? Let us know in the comments!

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